Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness

Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness

Under the direction of renowned spiritual artist Dana Lynne Andersen, the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness is being established at Ananda Assisi. The purpose of the Academy is to use all of the arts as instruments for awakening higher consciousness in the individual and transmitting that consciousness into society.

This year’s courses include painting, sculpture, theatre, music, dance and poetry and are open to all levels of experience. No artistic experience or talent is required. For those who wish to discover and express their creative nature, weekend introductions offer a playful yet profound experience. All of these programs are useful tools for those in teaching, healing, counseling and art education professions.

Dana Lynne Andersen

Dana Lynne Andersen is known in the United States and in India as one of the foremost spiritual artists of our times. She has distinguished herself in the realms of painting, writing and playwriting, book illustration, and as a curator of art exhibits. Her paintings have been exhibited on three continents, and some of them have been chosen by Swami Kriyananda as covers for his book. She is the founder of “Awakening Arts”, an international network of artists committed to the creation of art that is inspiring and transformative, and is known as a loving and inspiring teacher. Dana received her bachelor’s degree cum laude in philosophy, and her Master’s Degree in the Study of Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University. For more information, please visit

Workshops with Dana Lynne Andersen

Art, Creativity and Consciousness
The Divine Romance: Cultivating Devotion through Art & Creativity
Free Your Creative Spirit
The Powers of Creation: Light, Color and Sound
The Chakras: A Creative Adventure into the Seven Inner Realms
Painting from the Heart and Soul
Rhythms of the Universe: Awakening through Art, Music and Movement
Mandala: The Sacred Art of Centering Your Self
Opening Your Heart Through Art
Art and Meditation
Art, Rebirth and Transformation
Practicum – An Artistic Journey for Self Discovery and Transformation

Workshop with Joachim Kreutz

Sculpture as a Dialogue with the Soul


About embodiedcreative

Awakening Arts is a worldwide network of artists, patrons and friends who support Art which uplifts, inspires, transforms and awakens.We are a growing resource nexus working in synergy to create exhibitions, retreats and symposiums.
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