Ginger Gilmour – ‘Inner Beauty’

‘Inner Beauty’

Have you ever wondered what is Beauty? I do. Throughout
my life,I have often asked myself……What is Beauty? Why
throughout the ages mankind has asked the same question?
In my day and age though, it often sometimes seems like a
entrapment forced upon us,  so we can be good consumers.

In fact in our culture, especially in the current artworld,
Beauty has really bad press!

As a child in the United States, I dreamt of being a star who
was discovered at the local soda fountain by some director; I dreamt of being on the front page of Vogue; I
dreamt of my ‘Prince Charming’. In fact, I  did become a model & owned a fashion boutique. I got a lead role in
a film and three days before signing the contract……. my prince charming appeared and I left it all….for

Time passed and then I was challenged with a very deep personal Crisis. It seemed that I was walking on a
tight-rope across a chasm of fire. I sought coucil with a elder healer, Lily Cornford, with whom I had trained
and worked beside. I cried and said, ‘Lily, I can’t stand it. What should I do? How can I cope?’ To many, Lily
was like the ultimate Fairy Godmother. On that day, she wrapped me in her arms and said, ‘Child, what you
must first do is to place a flower every day by your bedside, so that each morning when you awake the first thing you will
see is Beauty.’ And so I did.

It took me years to fully understand the wisdom of her words….

Since then, I have come to realize that Beauty isn’t a lead role in a film.
Or being on the front page of Vogue.
In fact…… Beauty is the essence of Life itself…… is the Key…..

And….within each of us there is a spark of Beauty….innate… Awaiting to be awakened.

One of my art teachers once said,
“Beauty is a gift from God…….And our Gift is to use it, to BE it and Beautify Everything!”

As my life journey continued Beauty became more and more a driving force & influence.
I discovered that I was borne with a ‘soul of a artist’  and this was my way to Beautify.

In my studio I was safe to dare….and….. to touch the depth of all my dreams. It became my sanctuary where
All Dreams Came True. I created my ‘Knight in Shining Armour”; I created the ‘Love in my Heart’  for my
children; I created the ‘Angels from Heaven’; Most of All, I created ‘Song of Woman’ which was me.

NO longer  did it matter if people said
that I was in the Land of the Fairies or that I was Old-Fashioned…..

WHAT? Angels? Beauty? Healing?…..they exclaimed.

Most of my Life I was identified with all kinds of fears, judgements & desires.
I wanted to be accepted. I created many limitations for myself.
I had allowed images of CNN to be my only reality
and the longing for the World of Light & Love was kept  hidden deep within the Darkness.
Put away as Fantasy, as Make Believe.
It was a painful time. My inner core felt torn apart.

Then little by little, like the early morning mist, Beauty crept into my Heart.
Through creating my secret dream world……Beauty began to heal my hurts & sorrows.
It began to give me energy and hope and purpose.
The Sun emerged from behind the clouds and gave warmth to everyday.

Inner Happiness and Joy was not a fantasy……. And I was not going to go back.

Another chapter was unfolding for I had chosen to discover Who I was Borne to BE!

You know there is a moment just when you open your eyes in the morning……if you really pay attention……
just before all the mind chatter begins to speak to you …there is a moment  when you can create your day….or
at least influence it……a moment when you can choose whether the sun will shine inside or be immersed in
Clouds all day……

I found the more I aspired towards Beauty…..The more  I did think Beauty….. The more I felt
Beauty,…..slowly, slowly my inner nature was transformed. Beauty became my reality.

Rest assured though, it does take practice…….

My daughter, Alice called me the other day to say she was on her way to Chichester to see her accountant
which worried her. She had decided to write lots of post-it notes with affirmations like ‘Have a Joyful day’,
‘Love & Sunshine’, ‘You are GREAT!’….and then placed them throughout the town to uplift her day and
others. ‘Ah, Little acts of kindness’, I said with a smile.

Our culture is at a end of a cycle.
We are on the edge of a great opportunity to  create a more sustainable future.

AS I see it…..
We are not just experiencing a Global Financial Crisis.
We are not just experiencing a Potential Ecological Disaster
We are actually experiencing a Crisis of Beauty.
We are at a decisive moment in the Evolution of Mankind. There is a new and finer experience awaiting us of
such Beauty & Goodness. We are facing a re-birth.

But to make this possible…..
We need to change the destructive images which speak loudly within our Minds & Heart. We need to change
the images our eyes witness in the ‘Spin’ all around us and have accepted as Truth. We need to choose to create
Beauty on all levels.

For this……
The Arts will play a great part in the future…… But only if…. it is  creative & not destructive.
By that I mean………
The artists will create from a response to one’s True Soul Nature.
They will create images and forms that reflect the deep essence of Life
And most of All, the artists will create such Beauty…..
That it will  awaken us from our slumber
And remind us that
So that, once again, We shall ‘Live the Art of Beauty’!

This Vision that I have shared with you tonight is the vision from which I am inspired to Live and to Create.
For me, it has opened the doorway to Joy, to Health, to Creativity. And to all that is Great about Being

It is my ultimate wish that we can all celebrate……What We were Borne to BE!….together.

For In Beauty we are United.
Thank you.

Ginger Gilmour

Artwork and Text © Ginger Gilmour. Original Artworks are available from See more of Ginger’s beautiful and inspiring work at Ginger’s website


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