Art meets Spirituality – Excerpt from Lecture by Harish Johari

“All spirituality comes from Artists”

“Art in common language stands for expression, this expression has to be done with symbols. I am using words now to express myself. These words are symbols. Expression is connected with your total being that is a combination of your physical body and your psyche. Your physical body comes from your father and mother, who come in you as genes. These genes carry traditions and thus every artist carries some impressions in his own DNA-molecules, which is the experience of the culture to which one belongs.”

“In India all that exists as Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads or any kind of scriptures comes from artists. They were called rishis, saints, seers and visionaries but they were actually artists. You will find in India an old tribe of saints known as “visionary artists”, who are poets, musicians, singers, sculptors and painters. These people created the greatest existing and most ancient literature of the world. The Vedas do not come from a prose writing dry intellectual mind. The Vedas are written poetry. The Bhagavad Gita is poetry. The Upanishads are poetry, its verses are so compact that only one line explains the entire law of Karma. Art is a very precise expression.”

“So, all spirituality that people know about in the world, where do they know it from, if we the writers, if we the painters, if we the sculptors, if we the musicians did not sing it, sculpt it, paint it or write it?”

See full text at Art meets Spirituality.

From a Lecture by Harish Johari, published in “WRITING AS SCULPTURE” 1978 – 1987, by Louwrien Wijers.

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