Alison Watt -‘Phantom’

Alison Watt

In 2000 Alison Watt became the youngest artist to be offered a solo exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art with an exhibition called ‘Shift’. For Still, Alison Watt was awarded the 2005 ACE (Art+Christianity Enquiry) award for a ‘Commissioned Artwork in Ecclesiastical Space’. Watt was artist in residence at The National Gallery London 2006–08. For this residency she worked within the gallery, inspired by particular items from the collection. The culmination of her residency was the exhibition ‘Phantom’. ‘I sat in the Warrior Chapel for an hour, not quite overcome with the same “feeling of overwhelming sadness” that Watt herself felt in the chapel but awed by the loss of possibility and the seeming beauty of rest. I sat alone, in front of a truly memorable work of art.’ (Nicholas Cranfield, in reference to the piece Still, A&C40)

Text Art and Christian Enquiry / Images © Alison Watt . For more about Alison Watt and her recent exhibitions click here.



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