Jeremiah Hill Photography…Live.Love.Create.Flow.Receive.

“Only those who will risk
going too far can possibly
find out how far one can go.”
-T.S. Eliot

“The secure way is really the
insecure way.”
-Joseph Campbell

“You teach best what you
most need to learn.”
-Richard Bach

“In so much of modern ‘photography,’ the photographer is transparent. Open
any magazine, or many excellent photographer’s websites, and you’ll see the
same, glossy, high-caliber images. Content changes, but styles remain
largely consistent. A lot of beautiful images get made this way. But for me, the
goal is anything but transparency.

My mission is to create images that are distinct, stylized, and uniquely my
own. Through the expression of my particular visual voice, I aim to inspire.

In the rare flutter of a perfect moment, I have sometimes caught glimpse of a
stunning beauty that is everywhere and nowhere, in absolutely everything.  My
vision is that you may see that beauty as I have seen it; first, as shared
through my lens, and then with your own eyes, in your own life.

And if you’ve already seen like that, may my work be a touchstone and a
reminder to you: life is epic … if you choose frame it that way.”

Jeremiah Hill Photography.

Text, Images and video © Jeremiah Hill Photgraphy courtesy of For more information on his visionary photgraphy, and inspirational images visit


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Awakening Arts is a worldwide network of artists, patrons and friends who support Art which uplifts, inspires, transforms and awakens.We are a growing resource nexus working in synergy to create exhibitions, retreats and symposiums.
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