Francisco Santos …Travelling to a distant past


On what strange purpose is involved my soul! It takes me through dusty ways, sculptured valleys by the time and arduous cliffs through which I glide till the limits of my clearness. My clearness reveals unaccountable mysteries, which suffocate even the time. This painting is one of these mysteries. It was originated with a moving body, which the time had destroyed and I careless brought up from the deepness of my soul. It makes us thinking of previous civilizations, those who satisfy the intelligence and challenge and the thinking rules, which are sculptured with clearness and a sublime harmony. Strange shapes circled the statue. On the right we can see shapes placed which occupy the deep oceans, but on the other side, there are inverted shapes. I cannot find the relation, however I believe that they are important. One of these days they will reveal themselves.

Artwork © Francisco Santos. Original Artworks are available from See more of his inspiring work at


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