Karin Kuhlmann…The flowing forces of digital abstraction

“Art doesn’t reflect the visible. ART MAKES VISIBLE.” Paul Klee

KarinKuhlmann HighSpirits

Karin Kuhlmann 'High Spirits'

KarinKuhlmann Magic

Karin Kuhlmann 'Magic'

KarinKuhlmann MeltingPot

Karin Kuhlmann 'Melting Pot'

KarinKuhlmann RhythmofLife

Karin Kuhlmann 'Rhythm of Life'

KarinKuhlmann SpaceDemand

Karin Kuhlmann 'Space Demand'

There is a wonderful spatial quality in the computer generated works of Karin Kuhlmann as if a joyful dance is happening in space. The clear colours , light and flowing forms excite the viewer in their depth and sensitivity. Spirals of light create forms some appearing organic and bringing to mind an ethereal forest others the intimate nest of a mythical and extraordinary being sometimes we soar through a galaxy of wonder but always the image returns us to our one true Self. ( Text:Rob Burton )

Images © Karin Kuhlmann courtesy of http://www.karinkuhlmann.com . For more about her inspirational art see her website and work at  http://www.karinkuhlmann.com


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