Rob Burton ….Creation and creativity

Creation and the act of creativity is a continuous process that works within and through us all. It is only man himself who perceives the barriers to his own intuitive creative spirit. When one feels separate one is disconnected from all the many levels of ones consciousness that help growth, evolution and change; the constant flow of creation. Consciousness reveals levels that characterise different aspects of the creative consciousness. Through integration the levels of consciousness are moved between to bring creative freedom to realise the flowering fruits of inspiration, intuition and imagination.

Dancing Shiva Rob Burton

Dancing Shiva by Rob Burton Pencil on Paper

Artwork and Text © Robert Burton. Artworks are available as  framed and unframed limited edition prints and original artworks. Please contact Rob Burton for more information.


About embodiedcreative

Awakening Arts is a worldwide network of artists, patrons and friends who support Art which uplifts, inspires, transforms and awakens.We are a growing resource nexus working in synergy to create exhibitions, retreats and symposiums.
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2 Responses to Rob Burton ….Creation and creativity

  1. materurbium says:

    this is interesting. it’s funny that i saw this on creativity because I just watched an interesting interview on charlie rose with scientists talking about where creativity comes from. you might enjoy that.

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