Lesley Sutton…explorations of the creative tension between longing and belonging


Communitas by Lesley Sutton

Lesley Sutton is a visual artist, curator and community arts worker who uses artistic activities to support physical, emotional and spiritual development.

arma christi 1

Arma Christi 1 by Lesley Sutton


Offering by Lesley Sutton


Confession by Lesley Sutton

Lesley is passionate about encouraging others to tap into their own creativity and to encourage the aesthetic to form part of our everyday living. As a creative artist, curator and community arts worker she enjoys working collaboratively with a wide variety of groups, encouraging the use of artistic activities to support physical, emotional and spiritual development; improving quality of life through the creative sharing and expression of social and personal histories of gender, disability, health and the environment .

Depending on the role required Lesley’s work will vary considerably between the facilitation of creative projects, the making of her own responsive art work and more administrative responsibilities of project management and the curating of exhibitions. Lesley is creative and has an ability to generate new ideas; working in difficult situations she aims to handle problems calmly. She enjoys working with people, listening to their stories, learning to understand different prejudices and their impact on people’s lives and hopes that her work encourages a positive approach and respect for others.

Stories of cloth.

Textiles accompany us throughout life’s journey; wrapped as we enter the world, and covered when we leave.

We all have a story of cloth to tell. What memory does cloth hold for you?

Stories of Cloth is a culturally diverse arts and heritage project, initiated and led by visual artist Lesley Sutton, to reflect on the personal memories associated with the ritual events of birth, marriage and death, through the sensory medium of cloth. Stories of Cloth has created a rare opportunity for exchange between cultures and generations, increasing understanding of one another’s lost and changing heritage.

Link to the project website here.

Images © Lesley Sutton courtesy of www.lesleysutton.co.uk. For more about her inspirational art see her website and work at  Lesley Sutton. Her blog is Stories of Cloth: A  journal of her material explorations of the creative tension between longing and belonging.


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