Bach with a whole new timbre

This short film is beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. It challenges the comprehension as we are confronted by the spectacle of its location in nature and the technical accomplishment of the action. In its setting the symbols represent the mystic east with its simplicity and flowing lightness and the whole mood is a zen like sensibility. It has been suggested that the structure on which the action is focused reflects a Rupe Goldberg contraption which is “laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation.” In some ways the engineering and apparatus themselves are merely devices that interplay to enhance the mystic and ritual nature of the performance. The first few frames of the arranging of the action are essential to the manner in which the ritual form of the film is interpreted. The film is an advert for a mobile phone and accessories and as such is using symbolic imagery and the mythologised ritual setting for commercial ends. It raises several questions relating to the interplay between the worlds of art, the symbols and images deep within the consciousness through which we interpret the world and commercial practices that play with forms to bring us into a relationship with the product. Taken on one level it is a spellbinding display of new media art practice that integrates beauty and the imagery of the sublime with a sense of wonder and the otherworldly connecting the elemental with an achievement of human innovation.

It can also be argued that the short film is actually computer enhanced and there are several objecting voices to an artifice that if proved might undermine the objectivity and belief in the potential to achieve an awe inspiring and inspirational creation. Within contemporary art practice many new technologies are being utilised to create the most uplifting and inspiring works so to suggest a pretense and the hood winking of the viewer does not undermine the strength of the case that this short video through its format, structure and setting, the symbolic and signifiers utilised that places the action as a ritual bringing together the sensual, the natural and the creation of man unites us with our being a human consciousness in union with all the surfaces, textures, sounds, light forms and energies that universally embrace us.

Other thoughts and opinions on the piece can be seen at:

Rube Goldberg device in the forest will astound, give you serenity now – CBS news


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