Sumakshi Singh …Perceptual and micro interventions

Sumakshi Singh

“What is real and how do we recognize it? Is it the Cultural vantage point? Its conditioning is often subverted. The Physical? Yogis and Physicists claim matter and form is an illusion: a manifestation of energy with no real boundaries. History is no longer believed to be a recounting of “fact”. Psychology studies the varying perceptions of the same event and Art plays with this capacity to generate multiple meanings/ realities. This question gets more potent as increasingly the Virtual world begins to make its own “alternate real”.”

Simakshi Singh

Sumakshi Singh’s work traverses lines between Metaphor, Reality and Illusion and ranges from plays on space-time theories to cultural, historic and physical critiques of place, manifested in performance, installation, painting and animation. Singh’s work uses disconcerting phenomenological encounters to ask questions about permanence and transience, object and image, fact and illusion, mapping and displacement, perception and knowledge, here and there. The artist will present a range of work from her extensive practice: from appropriating subtle microcosmic activity, to mapping perceptual objects in spaces and interacting with them as if they were real.

 Sumakshi Singh is an artist and an educator who has taught for several years at The  School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She has mentored residencies for and lectured at several institutions including Oxford University, Columbia University, The Chicago Humanities Festival and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Her work has been presented in gallery and museum exhibitions worldwide, including The Museum of Contemporary Art (Lyon, France), Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art (Pittsburgh, USA), Van Harrison Gallery (New York, USA), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, USA) and Kashya Hildebrand Galerie, (Zurich, SW). She was awarded a Zegna Grant (Italy) in 2009, an Illinois Arts Council award in 2007 (in recognition of outstanding work and commitment within the arts) and Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award in 2005 (to support and encourage excellence, artistry, focus, direction, maturity,and originality in the visual arts). Her shows have been reviewed by Younger Than Jesus – the New Museum Catalogue, the Village Voice, Chicago tribuneand Indian Express among other journals and papers. Artist residencies include Mac Dowell Colony (USA), Djerassi Foundation (USA), Fondazione Pistolleto (Italy), Camargo Foundation (France) and Skowhegan (USA).She was a finalist for the Rijksakademie in 2006. Singh received an MFA fromSAIC and a BFA from Maharaja Sayajiro University (Baroda, India).

 To learn more about Sumakshi, visit her website.

Sumakshi will be giving two talks in the UK about her work. The first is in London on Monday the 23rd of May at 17.15 at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts.
The second is at Oxford University on the 27th of May at the Pitt Rivers Museum and the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.


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