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Rajendra Mongia

Rajendra Mongia

Life is motion. The kinetic energy of an object is the energy which it possesses due to its motion. Stillness is the absence of motion. The Kinetic Activations series of spiritual art by Rajendra Mongia explores vital prana energy in all its motion, its pervasive trips up and down. It represents the subtle energy rather than the “joules”. These are gateways to energise your inner selves….

Rajendra Mongia

Rajendra Mongia

Shakti is the personification of the vital energy of the universe. It is the active principle, the precursor of change and often represented as the Great Holy mother who works towards a union with Shiva the male principle. In Sanskrit, it means to be able to do – it is the empowering energy, the latent force that when activated makes things possible….

Rajendra Mongia

Rajendra Mongia

The Inner Cosmos is a reflection of the world within. Mystics and spiritualists have always maintained that the inner cosmos is the true world. This world cannot be perceived by the normal senses- touch, taste, sight and hearing, smells. Perceiving the inner cosmos requires subtle senses. They require vision rather than eye sight, they require sensitivity rather than touch.

Rajendra Mongia

Rajendra Mongia

Rajendra Mongia

Rajendra Mongia has spent most of his working career as a graphic designer and a film editor. His interest in spiritual art came about after a deep mystic experience that lasted for 2 days, during a visit to a shrine to a spiritual master Shiridi Sai Baba. This transformative experience promoted him to begin his inward journey and took him away from his commercial work to the realm of Spiritual Art, Energy paintings and the search for inner harmony.

Paintings for visual meditation are the outcome of this deep transformative experience and the many other experiences that followed.

In his own words, “I am not designing these paintings in any logical manner rather than assembling the elements, the colours, the forms, the images etc, reach them intuitively when in a meditative trance, in front of the computer”.

Just as a painter uses the canvas and the brush and paints as his medium of expression, my expression is based on computer generated art – these are then printed on canvas and framed for people to use, view, mediate and begin their own journey inwards.

His present collection of works are categorized into 8 collections that are themed around

Rajendra Mongia

Rajendra Mongia

the concepts and direction of Shakti Renderings, Inner Cosmos, Immersive Energies, Kinetic Activations, Visual Symphonies, Eternal Radiances, and Deep Desires.

These are steps in the grand stairway to self realization and are an excellent tool to begin your meditative endeavours.

View these collections, and dwell on them, feel their vibrance and the ensuing peace and experience your self in ways that you have never done before.

Rajendra Mongia and Mamta Mongia can be contacted at rajumongia@gmail.com and mamta@spiritualartvibrations.com

He has a great colourful presence on facebook and his work and writing can be viewed at Spiritual Art Vibrations. Here at the Awakening Arts Network we are pleased to be featuring Rajendra and hope to bring you more of his work shortly.

Artwork and text and courtesy of the Spiritual Art vibrations website © Rajendra Mongia. Please visit his website here.


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