John August Swanson … There is a season

Washing of the Feet by John August Swanson

 Today the Awakening Arts Network is pleased to present to you the rich warm tapestries of colour by John August Swanson that vibrate with paint and form representing biblical and religious themes in a mosaic of decorative light. His paintings follow the great traditions of religious and spiritual art bringing together compositions that resonate with arrangements from the northern Renaissance in an iconic sensibility  of traditional storytelling emanating from Swanson‘s heritage into narratives that mine our cultural values, inherent humanity and the artist’s quest for  Self through visual making and the inspirational image.

Presentation by John August Swanson

Presentation by John August Swanson

I came across the work of John August Swanson only this morning when an email from the Frequencies Project brought him to my attention. Although well established in the United States where he was born in 1938 his name is not so well known in Europe and the UK although his work is represented in collections in the Tate London, the V and A London and also in Paris.

The Flight into Egypt by John August Swanson

His work is illustrative recalling arrangements and stylistic qualities of the fairytale illustrations of Arthur Rackham and the artworks of Aubrey Beardsley and Samuel Palmer. The above work ‘The Flight into Egypt’ brings to mind the folk sensibilities of Marc Chagall and elements from their ancestry and grounding in folk traditions; Chagall the Russian and Jewish Heritage and Swanson, his parents Mexican and Swedish roots.

See more of John August Swanson’s work at his website.

Artworks © John August Swanson


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