Angelika and Paramjyoti in concert

Angelika sings and Devadasi swirls

Angelika sings and Paramjyoti swirls

On the 16th of June 2011 a significant cultural event took place sponsored by the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness of Ananda Assisi, a performance of sacred music accompanied by sacred dance. The two inspirational German artists Angelika and Paramjyota created a magical atmosphere inside the “Temple of Light”, the temple of the Ananda community, in front of an enthusiastic audience. Angelika, singer and songwriter, travels throughout the world sharing her healing music, sang bhajans and other chants of which words were mantras from Hindu, Buddhist and Christian traditions. During the evening she sang some of her own songs both in German and in English. Her voice is pure and touches profoundly the hearts of all; the public were so enchanted by Angelika’s music and voice, that many thanked her personally at the end of the concert.

Angelika in Concert

During the performance, another German artist, Paramjyoti Devadasi, a well-known sacred dancer, accompanied Angelika’s music with her dance which she calls ‘Dance of the Heart’.  It’s a combination between modern dance and the old traditional Sufi dance performed by the whirling Dervishes. The two artists, who have never performed together until now and met only the day of the event, were in complete synchrony with each other and created a magical atmosphere of total purity and divine holiness. Everyone was touched, inspired and the sensibilities of the performances lifted hearts and  consciousness.

Devadasi & Angelika performing at Ananda Assisi.

The two artists also performed on the 18th of June in San Biagio, a small comunity with a Wellness Center, not far away from Ananda, in an old monastery. The place is sacred itself and the two artists once again gave an unforgettable performance of pure sacred art, coming directly from the heart. The audience was once again profoundly touched by Angelika and Paramjyoti, by their unique way of performing, by their total devotion and simplicity. Angelika also involved the public in their music, asking them to sing along with her, which the people extremly enjoyed. In this way the typical scenario of having an artist separated by the public that gives a performance to be listened to by a passive audience was disssolved. Every one sang with Angelika and became a participating artist themselves. At a certain point, the singer asked the public to stand up and do some specific actions during one song ( embracing each other) and sing at the same time. This created a sense of intimacy throughout the audience. Paramjyoti performed beautiful swirls during Angelika’s chanting and brought a divine elegance to the whole atmosphere. Here below you can see a picture which shows Angelika in the foreground singing and Paramjyoti whirling in the background.

Devadasi dancing on Angelika's music

Devadasi dancing on Angelika's music

The concert ended in a peaceful, pure and meditative atmosphere and the audience was without words. The people were touched and uplifted and it was dificult to leave the place because of the divine energy which had been created in that monastery.

Angela finishing the song and Paramjyoti in Namaste

Angelika finishing the song and Paramjyoti in Namaste

You can share a piece of the nights ethereal magic by watching the video of ‘Dance of the Heart’ below.

The Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness of Ananda Assisi aims to facilitate transforming change through creativity and promoting inspirational art in bringing creative joy to life.

Text © Mihai Huber and Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness


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