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Amelie Anke Merzbach …Sensual beauty that evokes the light of the soul


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Storyteller: On the writing of ‘Strange Factories’ by John Harrigan

Storyteller. · ‘Strange Factories’ is an independent feature film that tells the story of a writer trying to unfold the mystery of a fable in a world haunted by a phantasmagoric fiction. My work as writer and director on ‘Strange … Continue reading

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Towards a Transpersonal Art | 1…The cloud of unknowing

“And if you should ever reach this cloud [of unknowing], and dwell and work in it as I am telling you, then, just as this cloud of unknowing is above you, between you and your God, so you will need … Continue reading

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Francisco Santos …Travelling to a distant past

On what strange purpose is involved my soul! It takes me through dusty ways, sculptured valleys by the time and arduous cliffs through which I glide till the limits of my clearness. My clearness reveals unaccountable mysteries, which suffocate even … Continue reading

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Happiness…co-operate and co-create.

Today I received a call to participate in a design event to be held in the UK in October 2012. Design Event 2011 last year consisted of over 30 exhibitions, events, tours and talks throughout the North East. Main highlights … Continue reading

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